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of receiving inebriates in hospitals for the insane. The influence exerted upon

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tention by the loop of intestine or stomach that happened to

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under my care. In Mr. Donald Day's case * cystic disease of

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some interesting experiments — detailed in the first num-

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The anatomy of my critic is certainly at fault at the outset. Perhaps

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ear by means of hot air passed through the eustachian tube

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either active, latent, or obsolete, was present. Thus over 23 per

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with as high temperature as occurs in diphtheria. Its mul-

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croached tlience backwards over the inner face of the

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in which the whole subject is accurately and ably treated in all its aspects,

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their activating substances are completely inhibited by calcium

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of the arteries, the carotids thro!) much, and there is very generally a

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tubercle. Two young monkeys, newly landed, were obtained

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excludes such tests as the association reaction, which otherwise might

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the defect was not recognized. Over 3,000 were enumerated

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ingly favorable reports made by Ohaddock as well as by Babinski, I

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Nervous diarrhoeas are best treated with remedies directed to the

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City Hospital, the Female Hospital, and to St. Mary's In-

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off through either of the natural outlets, the skin, the bowels, or the

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changed as regards its size. In more than half the number of

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women of either sex in and out of the profession have imagined that

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results. The book ends with a criticism of the view put forward

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Jeffries had made sections of the cicatrices, and would demon-

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plete absence of pulse ; skin of fingers shrivelled. The patient, however,

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with an ulcerated scirrhus would, under the conditions already

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tics, cited by the author just named, are interesting: Of 12,902 deaths

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amples of trophoneurosis with different localization of

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of the meso-caecum, which binds the intestine in its new posi-

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essay, is directly the reverse, and is as follows : " It is true, that

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type whose origin is still in obscurity, may also show us the cause

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been pointed out by Hess.^ The smaller intrahepatic branches of

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perhaps pain in the testicle. When the stone is situated in the intra-

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the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Societies. The Reading