indirect debility of the bowels. — Under such treatment, the patient's
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articulate or swallow. There was a large ulcer on his chin and left
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bicarbonate of potass ; or the bitartrate in small doses ; or the
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brain and membranes normal. — The dura covering vertex
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of a chisel and the dura was found smooth but hyperemic.
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(5) Progressive Conditions. — These are overgrov^^ths, cysts, and new
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nation as to lesions present, and without x-rays, even,
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the night his left shoulder began suddenly to swell, and for
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have found that a special frosted dim light at the bottom of a black
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parese mit Mydriasis bei inveterirter Syphilis. Cor.-BI. f.
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In true melanuria, indicative of widespread melanotic sarcoma, the
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In 1878 I sowed in my garden with great care the seeds of the
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In some cases, calculi within the renal cavities, increasing in size, become
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In Qur proving of Boa Yii^era, we enpert^nced the most
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The path bn (motor speech tract, Fig. 438) represents an association tract, which
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notices it as neuralgia. Drake describes it well in a pamphlet in
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of uric acid in excess. Here, of course, our alkaline water proves of
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with animal charcoal, and recrystallized, pure glutaminic acid hydrochloride to
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York by inauguarating such a method of practical ex-
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per cent more than the regular users and 14 per cent more than the
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twelve years of age, none complained of the strongest
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strongly supported by the experience that the mechanical
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November to give a memorial lecture in tribute to the