also where the skin and muscles are cut accidently, it is often
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The patient with cardiac decompensation with swollen liver,
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ings, were conspicuously clear, concise, logical, and vigorous.
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ured at t-lie latter time, as then the muscular fibres, having
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not deviate from the laws which govern it, and hence you did not see.
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costo-vertebral joints interfered with full respiration and other joints were involved.
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Internal Anatomy.— The internal anatomy has been carefully
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laudanum and twenty of sulphuric ether. He spent his time chiefly in
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spheres will be employed. The correct location of these spheres were previously
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measures have been employed for the relief of gastroptosis.
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was not as grave as glycosuria, but to-day experience has singularly modified
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and advised extirpation. He was admitted to the New
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and adopted. The amendment is, that it be not ailopted, and
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ing at night, interfering with rest, and making him weak, nervous, and
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than one lunatic who evinces his delight with the beauty of a
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ver, where there was a quasi croup, I tried the Russian emetic, of com-
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" The pathogenesis of infiltration, atrophy, exaggerated growth of
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effort to teach us how the Rontgen Ray New \ ork and London: D. Appleton
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the indications that otie has taken place during sleep. They are — waking
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allow a part of the imprisoned air to escape; but returning in
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and, contracting gradually on itself, reduces the viscera situated in
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these cases, though, fortunately, it is not of frequent occurrence.
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to the end. If the patient is to recover, the algidity diminishes,
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1 Joseph Addison, On the pleasures of the Imagination.
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of specific dii^eases from the sick to the healthy, both by
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pain, etc. Several years ago when investigating the
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examination, and nothing was done, and the growth continued to grow. Her
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pretty constant in degree and character in the same case.