and she was married at the age of 22. She died three years after her
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thus aid in overcoming the celiac element, affection damaging the neuro-muscular ele-
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medical school in America. This institution was founded some thirty
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class of diseases, as syphilis, rabies, and the acute exan-
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prevent a further exudation. Antimony might relieve the raucous surfaces by
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condition in the common strictures of the esophagus the type of swallowing in
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have thrown doubt on the competency of the jugular valves. The
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are answered, criticisms are forestalled, photographs are submitted.
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IS been heretofore includeil under the name " acute hydrocephalus.''
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that the impulses are appreciably sustained and as a rule ten can be
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some poison in the blood, the vasomotor centers give way and the
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with a reminder that under the workers’ compensa-
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Increase in the proportion of large mononuclear leucocytes and
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and improved technique. Exceptionally, ha^maturia and pain will
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days before appearing at the hospital, while currying a
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constitution that Water on the Brain and Consumption most
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that the plan of an absorbent dry surgical dressing is
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able to speak with some confidence, from experience of its ope-
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this situation the hemorrhage does not occasion laceration of the brain-
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stitution strong, received the above injury, April i, 1865,
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fourth the natural size. The lateral diameter greatly diminished : the
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healthy spot. The patient may take wine and iron, but
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and forty-seven minutes after the infusion was administered, he appeared
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at the end of a year it can be filed away. It cannot be lost like a
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the ankles against mosquito bites. As all these measures require much
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•In my next article I wlU discuss the general prin-
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ent part. The contents, at first turbid, rapidly become opaque and
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the parasite to Cobbold, who, thinking it new to science, named it
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at all. Dr. Gerrish proposed that the upper horizontal
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.soon made him a general favourite. It was not expected that a
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