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Sal Hepatica vs. Natural Mineral Waters.— The superiority of
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pearance. Also in blood serum they grow very richly.
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Urine : Twenty-four-hour specimens, quantity, 700 to 1,400 c.c. ; acid ; specific
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patients enter the room. It is not always present, just
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for instance, or all sulphates) thus precluding any pos-
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contract. The prayer was that said party be enjoined from
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shewn the mutability of chemical theories. The phlogiston
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which lasts several seconds. The animal will now fall back again
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for the brain-rest, but for the good to be obtained from
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Dr, Hibbitt : When we begin to study the causes of constipation I
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into carbonic acid and water, must give out as much heat as if they
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(«.)) Great proportion of purely nasal carriers : possibly with niera-
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exposed to pressure or friction. As soon as the blister rises, apply
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the pre-menstrual period. Perhaps the most important of the
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converted into arsenious acid. M. Mialhe has convinced himself not only
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talismans, amulets and protective prayers and formulae.
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in a large center, acts especially on the imagination of
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always more or less interruption of the circulation in the mesentery
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balanced by an increase in the amount of w r ater. This combination of
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The soft spot or opening in the skull closes between the eighteenth
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two run a simultaneous course. This occurrence, together with the fact
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the tidal wave. The characteristic curve with sloping ascent and
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without any heat ? He attaches great diagnostic value to the forma-
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(Journ. de Med. Veterinaire, tom. ii., p. 273) ; and
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associated diarrhea. Colon flora is altered by broad-
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of parasites because of the conclusions reached by Doctor Marshall,
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of its setiological factors, and an endeavor made to correct
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John R. Atkinson, M. D. We cordially welcome this new laborer
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or Herpetiformis. — Various herpetiform eruptions affect the mouth
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