considering that of Allen's thirty-four sources only three or four

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d'emblee. All the patients received their milk from the same vender, and no other

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cludes, as hemoglobin, the excess plasma protein above

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phosphorus, arsenic, metallic, or carbolic acid poisoning, or as the result of

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6. Specimens should always be carefully packed to avoid break-

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h. Differentiation of Amebic and Bacillary Dysentery.

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the curette of which I have spoken. It acts as a stimulant and

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b. Isolation of viral agents should not be attempted by the

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1-, 2-, and 3-hour specimens, and also the amount of glucose

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generally appear in detectable amounts in the sera of infected

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aseptic conditions by an experienced technician or a physician.

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tacks ; but these were growing perceptibly shorter and milder.

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continuing swollen and painful. On Dec. 1 he was ordered to

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combined with gentle traction on cord, the latter of which he con-

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bodies with the toxine. Thus Roux and Yersin separated from diphtheria cultures

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which may be bovine or humanised — that is, derived from the calf or heifer,

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to the intercostal muscles with a complete dissection of the

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excessive coughing there developed a sharp, substernal pain.

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roundworm (Ascaris lumpricoides) ; I, egg of hookworm (Necator americanus

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M. D., J. M. Carmichael, M. D., and Mary J. Graham, M. D.,

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sulfuric acid with stirring into 100 ml of water. Add

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floccular type which are easily broken up, while "0" agglutinins

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should be prepared fresh once a month. The sediment

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I have attended one course of lectures." And the Times replies, " Yes, in Massa-

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remedy had come to light. The clinical tests and physiological

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method of undernutrition was introduced. The tw^o epochs of

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the morphology of the organisms (stained smears from

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of some of the more generally useful medicines in cases of con-

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that the thermometer registered the rectal temperature at85°. That the thermometer

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more or less positive reactions to a 1 : 1000 dilution of daisy

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