Craven, Thomas W., Huntersville; Jeff., 1917; U.N.C 1917 1919

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cent, of blindness in children and 9.49 per cent, in adults;

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We come next to the clinical history of these same dis-

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especially from a hygienic and forensic point of view. By

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March 80th. — Since last date the Eustachian tubes of the right and

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deavor to discover and arrest this practice in individual cases, but to

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medical profession men of the best minds, who would be

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inside the nose. The septum may be drilled or partly

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learn a smattering of Greek, as well as Latin, French, and Hebrew;

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decomposition. Echidnine, the active poisonous principle of

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sels and lymph spaces, singly or in groups (Figs. 9, 10,

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elevated above and sharply defined from the surrounding healthy skin.

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ordinary treatment, he practiced vaccination with the result of obtaining

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He thought that a diagnosis before the appearance of deformity was

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29th of October, 1874. The wound was dressed by the first clinical as-

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were procured, with considerable relief. In a few hours, all

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iritis the light is dreaded, in cataract the lens becomes opaque and

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Note. — It is a good plan to see the prescribe!' and

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