diaphragm seemed to be completely paralyzed and thoracic respiration
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48. Quarantine — Duty of commisaionera — Slaughter of diseased animals — Appraise-
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At the upper extremity the tumor projects over the surface of mucous
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Instructions Ck>nceming Trade Labels Under the Meat-Inspection Law and
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tain — was there an increase in the totals when compared with 1905.
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Camden 5 E. G. Claiborne Camdenton G. T. Myers Macks Creek
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crystalline egg albumin, and was probably as pure as it is possible to
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nies will be required to furnish clean and disinfected cars for the transportation of ani-
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The benefits arising from meat inspection as carried on under the
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which permit Is delivered to the abattoir Inspector in order that the animal may be
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regarding the progress in Pharmaceutical and Biological Research, and desirous
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bacilli which had been cultivated artificially for four generations
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infested with nodular worms, but only three had more than a very
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consideration is used in the investigations, because even a single
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W. C. U. Bldg. HAROLD SWANBERG, B.S., M.D., DIRECTOR Quincy, Illinois
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enue Code. As a result of the reclassification, employees of the
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maintenance; more depending on special qualifications
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tanked within a reasonable time after condemnation. Carcasses of diseased animals
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tistics in support of their respective views. Analyr
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room, adjacent to the cutting floor, and Is provided with modern equipment. It was found
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article on " Osteoporosis, or bighead, of the horse" 173-179
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syiiiipsrs ill iiiK' in- olliri' iit' llic si';;iiii'iital iraiisrlia. Tlicsc association
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Fig. 3. — A tip of a papilla of a malignant bladder papilloma
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outer rim. Boys go into the pen and deftly attach the loop of a
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{From the Department of Pathology of The Johns Hopkins Hospital,
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“because of the depression. It makes everything blue
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is to your liking, I hope you will vote for the organi-
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l)nssiiL'e iici'iss tlie tviii|i:iniliii, tlie si'iis.ilion evnked is that "f t.'isie.
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cieties. It was suggested that when an ophthalmologist
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Betuming now to the killing floor and to the carcasses with which
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Petersen, St. Joseph; Wallis Smith, Springfield W. A. Bloom.
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uf tem;.orary association, and (12) that o'' analysis. Temi)orary assoeia-
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il,,p.,i-t.-nil ..f 111'- f.itly siil,st;iii.-..s .,f ll, II its,.lt-. ,-1... ...iN'.l .jlx.-. li.!'---
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Tlial l,„,.^,. "'■'"'■'■" •■'' '■>' '" "" '""■ •"■'•'"^ '- "■'> i''"l'l.^ .Iiun.n
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(1) That the packers are permitted to sell diseased meat without warning to the con-
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ated between normal and 99.6 F., with a daily eleva-
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and again arranged as pseudo-branched forms. They will, however,
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h.ne their cell stations in the inferior iiiesentcric liaiiu'lia. I'lil riii!
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H. E. Petersen, St. Joseph (1950); Peter G. Danis, St. Louis
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the differential diagnostic features and the diffi-