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nails, arm-pits, or in the groins, and if it should resist the efficacy of medicines at

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by a steady increase in the frequency of the epileptic

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Not only water, but also the solids (urea and uric acid) in

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mouth, and through this liquids can easily be sucked ; or, if there be in-

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of oils in relieving the diarrhoea that is sometimes such a troublesome

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glass contraction, involvement of neighbouring organs,

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usually distended by the obstructed bile. Obstruction of the hepatic

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below the umbilical hernia. Now it runs from left to right, and is just

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periods — several days to several weeks. Usually the fever does not go

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sent Mr. Tliomas's apparatus as a modification of the late Dr.

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with removal of the cause and the instituting of general eliminative

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second species (quartan parasites and crescents). He found, re-

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of any recurrence, and the woman was in excellent health.

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