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Slight exercise increased the heart rate and caused the irregularity to become
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and raw surfaces, with resulting characteristic effects.
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This anasarca is seldom observed except in children and young
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is not often necessary, local anesthesia being usually
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of his artistic dreams did not cost the boy much heart-
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improvement ( cleaning of ihe tongue etc.), follow the use
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scopic examination showed the condition to be distinctly
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the number of corpuscles measui'ed. Of course the number of eye-piece
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in the two preceding cases, typhoid symptoms, a short,
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light, capable of being elevated or lowered at pleasure,
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difficulty, for he equally must have carried the virus for forty years,
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mucous membrane. There was also so complete a cutis anserina of
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tion may assume all forms. Even a chronic inflammation of
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pearance either in the orbital cavity «)r in some of the
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astragalus and articulating surface of the tibia. Having formed
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34. Spink, W. W.: What is chronic brucellosis? Ann.
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a prescription to fit the case of which he has made a
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tion If we did not generally take this view, every error of judgment,
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pepper and whisky, the hot bath. Alcoholic stimulation is very
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ulations of erysipelas is both practicable and not at-
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112, thready; respirations 36 jier minute, shallow and rapid; voice
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3. A considerable number of inoperable sarcomata, the
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been given, the question presented to the experimenter is
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under fever, will frequently exhibit a very remarkable succession of in-
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ber of the eye produces a fatal infection. A tuberculous iritis devel-
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geons has been retarded by this complication, which in
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should cause the blush of shame to mantle the cheek of
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residue was then taken up in 20 cc. of normal aqueous potassium hy-
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