as the author's photographs show, many a harmless lesion harbors

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gin in the arytaeno-epiglottic region, fall externally into the

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distinct in the trachea and large bronchial tubes, and diminished as

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new processes, and the use of sustitute materials ;

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or the patient may drink a cup of cold sage-tea, if the antipyretic

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cents per ton, to a payment by the city of $1.16 a ton. The

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again a ten-per-oent solution by a cotton swab, the first incision is

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Illustrations of the Arrest of Infectious Disease by Isolation of the

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Usually, however, poison does not cause pain, but recovery from

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Pathology. — External Appearance. — This varies greatly with the day of

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als and milk dispensaries, and it is clearly within the province of

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service, a major or lieutenant-colonel, may be promoted to the

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Treuttel et Wurtz : Paris, Tome 1, 8vo. pp. 628. Avec 80 planches

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such morbid influence has operated on them as we endeavour

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midal fibres from the anterior pyramid crossing the median lino

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iust as if you proceeded from the Equator to the Poles, jhis is a

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When we physicians of the long ago — for the years flow

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effectual in arresting it — a piece, or pieces, sufficiently large to more tlian

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tysis, long duration, and bacilli and elastic fibres in the

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a specific entity during the Great War, when it appeared on all the

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of deep fascia with a separate suture, since this layer is normally

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Are usually caused by blows, falls, slips, &c, but a