in any way without pain. The Sawyer s splint was then dispensed with, and ordinary
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This work has been translated by Miss Annette M. Dye, of this
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Physico-Historical Society, to be exammed by the curious in another age,
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their coils and on the serous membrane of the pelvic cavity. All the other organs
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mucous membranes, muscular twitchiugs, shallow, feeble,
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ever, venous blood was substituted for the arterial ;
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headache, pains in the back and limbs, while the face, at first pale,
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seems incredible that tetanization so severe as to throw
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and after twelve months she could stand and Avalk, but there
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examinations of the heart to detect any accumulative
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tation. While some of the earlier writers did not com-
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sorption of enlarged, lymphatic glands, and its action sliould
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Professor W. C. Maclean's Treatment of Remittent Fever,
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requir^ by all the instruments, including the cautery
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He finally expressed his conviction that penal codes failed
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inch shorter than its fellow, and equal in muscular develop-
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§.'§s-(i-H-Hi + l-r-«l I I I + I I I I I I I I I I I ( i-HI I I I I+ +
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and internal fixation are indicated and can safely be
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nervous reilex action. At present, however, we shall confine
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only the injury happened at the first labour, in 7 at the second, in 5 at the
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it may be assisted by holding warm water in the mouth, or by
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CABANES: Paracelse — L'homme et l'oeuvre, article in La
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oloaii, and in a vvi'i«k or (on davs tiu'V ili-^apiu'arL'd. lie Iuim
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first discovered its morbid state by the spurious pains above
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Feed regular food as long as it can be eaten, and then give sloppy
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I shall not attempt to describe the surgical treatment of cerebral
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in the parts supplied and ultimate atrophy also. This latter is
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