tion. Thus for example on the 11th day after x-ray treatment some ears showed
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thus more prone to alcoholism than lawyers, engineers and other profes-
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Dorland, Elias T., 86 X. Division St., Buffalo, Erie Co. Original.
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of ovarian tumor showing electro punctures. The growth
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congested areas, or a return to more nearly normal condi-
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ceived oral ZDV syrup, 2 mg/kg every six hours, for six
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1896, csvi, 40-45. Also, transl.: Ann. d'ocul., N.T., 1896,
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strictly symmetrical structure of the tumor, made the case re-
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Medicine, and received certificates to practise, on Thursday,
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A point which is much insisted upon by Da Costa is, that the murmur
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the bleeding had been arrested. We have grave doubts about the value
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amongst us was in any way owing to the fact of superiority on our part in
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ceedingly nervous and suffered from slight convulsive
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was coming on, to be in the office where galvanism was accessible, and I
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inches behind the anterior opening of the thorax. The recurrent
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practice, of a more distinctly nervous form, such as are
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smaU-pox occurred in the metropoUs last week. — —Dr. Aldis,
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of the body, regarding which Herbert Spencer lectured
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Wc next enter the needle at the point B, and, carrying it
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Henry F. Campbell, and Prof. Fenner, describing the affection as it
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of easily answered but suflrtciently searching questions on the fly-sheet,
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muscles of the ureters are enlarged," and will be found insert-
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in reality very little force was required for this purpose.
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act, and so makes the patient hold her urine longer ; the urine, after
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to 2 gm. without toxic effect. The action depends upon the sulphur
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The writer reasons that, as there is such utter want of uniformity in the length
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