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probably from his warty skin.) In the western Cree, tiie verb

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intestinal hemorrhage IMay IS. Observations begun the following da}'. Two

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the average case. Let us now take up the more important of the

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error. Fig. 3 shows the difference between the curves for the observed

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with the minute motion or chemical activity of adjacent

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of Michigan," Lansing, vol. vi, 1874, p. 228. 15. MM. Cossy and

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process, but it may sometimes be associated with tli(i disease on the

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Indian, who was exhibited as a giant. He was thirty

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. *Extremely violent headache, so that the patient strikes

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E. Atkinson, M.D., 605 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, Md. ;

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James Finlayson, M.D., Physician, Hospital for Sick Children.

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H. J. Coningham (page 680) ; the Export of British Capital, by

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clusions from the imperfect and hasty observations which he

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This enables us to differentiate lung dulness and trace the line

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ing the muscles, improving the circulation in the abdomen^

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dal, are parched and eaten dry. As will be shown later, the

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and an American, who gave an indirect history of syph-

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infected blood-corpuscle may be altered in colour in

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years ago), for as many $200.00 graduate Scholarships as there were

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sulistance experimented with the reactions produced were

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malnutrition, want of fresh vegetables, fresh meat, etc.

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providing for the invalids at his own expense. Having

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Any explanation of rotation of the foetal head must account for the

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It is narrated that Attains Philometer, King of Pergamum,

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tables and sweet fruits. The prescription said that

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cells cannot hold the glycogen after it is formed but

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operators as " successful " cases. It is for the purpose of

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and read, in general sessions of the Association, a paper on

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several minutes, at least three times daily, and at the same time

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duct are indicated when stones become hopelessly im-

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dud ion, and supplied with a conical pilot drainage-tube, immediately after the oper-

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In the practical portions of this work Scarpa revived the old

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andtheopinionof theSenate on the scliemeof the Conference can-

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Cases. No. 116 South Eighth street, below Chestnut Philadel-