It has been very generally believed that this disease does not ocpur
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tion may occur in atrophied kidneys of whatever origin, though it is per-
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1861, and constitute Mtiniere's disease, which must be distinguished from
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valvular disease and unaffected by treatment, and upon the progressive
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pelvis in Douglas's fossa. Cancer may extend from the stomach through
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which in the absence of hypertrophy of the heart and a diminished quan-
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pigrnented, or finally changed into irregular, unrecognizable structures.
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a rule, the dropsy is more considerable when the quantity of albumin is
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volatilized on an ordinary tin plate with a lamp underneath it. Various
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the bursting of a blood-vessel and a consequent momentary paralysis of function.
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rare, and is never present in any advanced stage of disease. Its subject
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upon the bladder, the rectum, or the pelvic plexuses of nerves. Vaginal
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ported to the Qovemment the results of their preliminary inyestiga-
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oblivious to external influences because he is overwhelmed by a fixed
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and lips, or even a general cyanosis (suffocative catarrh), it is essential
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of the intestine are included in the description of cancer, since it is the
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Introductory Lecture before the New Orleans School*of Medicine. November, 1865. By Prof.
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in simple empyema. If the exudation be serous, it may be let alone or
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which caiwes it, does not possess the property of reproduction within
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tance of the medullary circulation, in. the formation of bone, "may
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The loss of hearing due to the destruction of this convolution has,