Briefly, the decade from 1840 to 1850 witnessed the overthrow of erroneous
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tunity to finish one at a single sitting, I will take the liberty of finish-
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Hospital, on Tuesday, November 11th. beginning at 10 a. m. .\
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He stated that he had had " bronchial trouble " for six years.
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incision must be freely extended downwards and inwards as
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always very painful. Finally, dress with sterile gauze spread with
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taken here than in England, as is well known to every per-
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air out of the distended gut, it will come out readily without
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Wben Writing Advertisers Please Mention 'l hi'= .Jo-.u' a:.
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duty of all surgeons to publish their operative cases of dis-
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preparation, ought to be very soluble and very efficient. The
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arsenic yield the best results. In chorea of rheumatic
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ventricle in twelve, both ventricles in nine, the right auricle in
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tiquity ; so that every town of importance must have had
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The Prince rule ha^ been gouged out at one end to permit its use in
amongst us was in any way owing to the fact of superiority on our part in
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" The selective power of tissues, especially as illustrated in the mammary
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T Id murder apply to nil other cases demanding medacal e, .dence. A. a .
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brought under the notice of the physician so early, as in the epithelial form,
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albumins, that, while they are more abundant in the
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drainage are rapidly replacing more primitive methods in that
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above downwards, the circumstance that a great preponderance of
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out swelling ; the pain was very severe in the wrist. She continued
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bers of liver-cells in diverse stages of disintegration,
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punctures the tumor with a tenotomy-knife ; squeezes out the contents ; ap-
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to the estimation of the hemoglobin. They give us an
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lesions, to furnish a typical section of malignant endo-
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section gave a dinner to one hundred and twenty members
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explained this rapid affection of the whole population — denied in error —
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or in the capillaries. According to Dr. Wilks' observations, pyaemia is
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of these cleansing establishments on entering the terri-
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prevent a further exudation. Antimony might relieve the raucous surfaces by
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