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and which often impel the patient to deeds of purposeless violence, are
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especially is this the case where the snakes refuse to take nourishment, and
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J.) The necessitv for a code of u)edical ethics. N. York
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originates in a sebaceous gland, the orifice of which is obstructed, either
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uterus by the recedent parietal peritoneum just al>ove the summit of the
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vomiting, also mustard prepared in the same way may be applied to
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operative have been published. Putting aside some local
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such cases the name of intermittent fever is commonly employed. But they
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Diagnosis. — The direct diagnosis of tuberculosis of the peritoneum is
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self in March, 1894, and made very rapid progress, in
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of the Ptolemies, reached a very high plane. Anatomy and physiology,
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“ murderer, of man's kin, some one to seize, in the high
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disseminated throughout the Congo Free State, spreading by human
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antagonistic. In the late nineties, when again smallpox was prevalent and was
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cases, and in 33 out of 41 cases examined bacteriologically the Klebs-Lof9er
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We are presented next with the report of the Commi'ttee on AduUerations
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was so torn that four fingers could be passed into the
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fixation of the joints. Gouty tophi may be absorbed or they may finally be
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described as " flooding all the time." Many large clots were passed.
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great pressure. The more chronic type closely simulates tumor of the brain,
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WiTHEEs, W. O , M.R.C.S.E , has bocu appointed HouscSnrgeon to tho
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can be proved mathematically to be straight ; I place a point which I
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shed or not. It is highly probable that the sewage of large communi-
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great hollow and the vena cava is a smaller impression, which
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There is no disease known to the medical profession that was so
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ably due to the leucocytosis generated by the horse serum alone
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that we must get reports from other persons, for reports we
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acid, but the good result is now maintained much more agreeably
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foods. Idleness means atrophy and degeneration in a gas-
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nection between the simultaneous prevalence of the two
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from the cases described in inception alone, their subse-
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atmospheric change or a peculiar odor, and to this form many
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the ossicles of the ear floated : the mastoid cells were
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mental instability of the patient. Dr. Eobertson considers one attempt
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if the affection continues. The use of non-poisonous antiseptics
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were limited to anorexia, headache, and general mus-
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practically obliterated and the surrounding liver in an apparently
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it profitable to trace the development of the disease in this manner,