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diluted with one hundred parts of water could any growth be

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usually limited to, or were much greater on, the left

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(diphtheria and tyjAoid), (c) vegetable poisons (digitalis, tobacco,

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are injected, at first daily and then less frequently.

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'• 9. The dangers resulting from excess of blood occur chiefly in the evening,

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Petty Sessional Division of B.aiton-on-Huraber (Lindsey Divi-

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Symptoms. The pyrexia may reach 104 E., but is very variable, and

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(SGOT (AST). SGPT (ALT), or alkaline phosphatase), occurred in some patients

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from the statement of Dr. Saussier de Troyes, wlii>

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combined with a high percentage of fat. The child should not be

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leaves little or no room for doubt that the precipitation of calcium occurs

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laws. The observer of any natural process, whether animate or

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toms were those of obstruction, and they came on suddenly. One of

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circulatory disturbances in the intestinal walls, give rise to paresis of

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knapsack, the cartridge-box, a hollow space in the but

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rind and juice of a lemon, yi teaspoonfiil of grated nutmeg, i cup of

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such laboratories? Shall the workers in the laboratory be per-

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ure, I need scarce remind you, consists in this, — that imme-

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describes a process of sporogony with the formation of macro- and

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The Nutritive Value of Peptonized Food. — Dr. Wm.

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practice of deducing large from small quantities, in reference to a subject

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Revue de Therapeutique Medico-Chirurgicale. Par A. Martin-Lauzer. M.D.,

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occipital region, though neuralgia at the vertex or the frontal region may

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the carbonate ; but we were particularly in- conditions of environment, acquire viru-

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accurate to authorize deductions therefrom. The cases

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In roasting meat the gravy may be retained in it by pricking

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be made. Repeated operative procedures on the fingers and hands