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The chief point of interest in this case is that, first,
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Morphinism and other drug addictions have been neglected
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lations existing before labor operation was indicated.
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York, Dr. Gillette reported the case of a patient who
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curative powers in such a mixture. Still less can the apology,
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by her eight years old son ), became frightened by the idea
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the patient would probably have been unable to answer, and which I carelessly
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in events more than a half century ago, Dr. Detmold's
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dislocations of the carpal bones. We are surprised to find no mention
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IReflected Pain in the Knee-Joint from ] be deceived by the boy's constant itera-
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which the specimens were obtained, had been fed on turnips
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with some restlessness. After 10 p.m. he fell asleep
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ished, it may be necessary to put the patient into a hot pack. This
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the disappearance of cutaneous telangiectases, obliterating
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stools from smooth, normal, alkaline, and well digested to acid, foul,
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in mass of the abdominal contents should result in similar pressure
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tures, with Special Reference to Massage and Mobili-
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"TiiEY manage some things better in France." Might we not
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Queen's Hospital, Lieutenant Staunton Wishart, Lieutenant
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but it is very apt to undergo changes in size which may lead one to
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so become innocuous elsewhere, and if so why not in the brain ?
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upon us, we find that the really necessary and practical ones are few in-
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ment and especially the amount of water. In general terms the degree
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fects tissue nutrition may lead to arteriosclerosis by weakening
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facetious Dr. Dover, as Fuller calls him. Garthshore and Sir