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Bran of wheat is an excellent food for horses. It should not be
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(1) Case of Xanthoma Tuberosum... ... ... ... ... II7
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tus; his skin was very hot and dry ; all the secretions much diminished;
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typhoid fever death rate for 1898, 1899, 1900 and 1901, and the
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capably of producing tuberculosis in rabbits (Eichborn) . Sputa and
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Symptoms. -Until quite recently all abdominal pains
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local inflammation, and is known by the name of "inflammatory fever,"
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bile. We know that the biliary and intestinal secretions owe their
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union of the soft parts takes place by first intention, the knots often
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satisfactory for a very large majority of the cases with which the surgeon is
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" Destiny Reserves for us Repose Enough." — Feenel.
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and without any recurrence of hemorrhage. The after birth
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Temperature ranged from 99° to 101°; pulse, from 88 to 110;
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vous system, while in others they are not borne at all. These are,
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