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them, unfortunate, decrepit, deformed, and dependent persons
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is mentioned in Kennedy's Annals as teaching " that elegant
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the future as a standard authority on the subject." — Fractitioner.
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liN^on of the parts covered by the inflamed portion is to be inferred.
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Resolved — " That the prosecuting officers appointed by the College shall
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intelligently employed. Let it be remembered that to make
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There has recently died, at Llantrissant, Dr. William
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temperature-curve in tv-phoid fever its course falls naturally into three periods—
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garding Advertising, and make all Cheques, Drafts and Post-Oflace
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East Broadway, directly opposite Sheriff Street, N. Y.
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Study of these conditions only adds confirmation to the conclusions
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the great increase of lymphocytes, and the distension and en-
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feeble and muffled in pericarditis, whereas they are even
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supposed to have been cases of true bovine contagious pleuro-pneumonia.
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If it is caused by the stomach being overloaded, or from too rich
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Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin, Depart-
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The connective-tissue form of hypertrophy, on the other
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or two in a hundred in hospitals. The greatest mortality
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Learned judges have held that no injury constitutes a wound in law, unless
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similar to mine, these febrile attacks are not really serious ; the
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occur — hence are no essentia] part of the disease ; and when
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for the management of the Museum, and to nominate a suitable
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hand, rub all your sinews, and say, Flee, gout, flee,