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hurtful agent may have entered the system. Such pri-

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if passed, the Act shall be permissive for three years, and

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I which I characterised from the symptoms as cataleptic

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This line should have been exactly three inches in length.

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Sold in bottles, 1 oz., la. 6d.-, 2 oz., 2s. 6d.: 4 oz. to 20 oz.. Is. per fluid oz. Sole Manufacturer and Proprietor, A. P. TOWLE,

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Quinine had been substituted for the stimulant, and the

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efficient little instrument ever invented. Made '• only" by W.

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2. When eczema is spread over the scalp, face, trunk,

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most exclusively upon the latter class of measures.

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ness, but not of affording relief; and on the ]2tli, six