of the pelvic and abdominal tissues favouring the descent and

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which dominated the work of the physicians of his day. The

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effected under the direction of the local sanitary authority

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It was proposed by Dr. Grimshaw, seconded by Dr. Beidg-

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rendered tlieir composition somewhat obscure. The sentence should

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marine electrical cable. But the number of separate units

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■2nd. Simultaneously the examinations in clinical medicine

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Specdirrll, May 17th: JOHN A. Kbogh, B.A., M.B., and Reginald T. A.

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of a County Council order with the assent of everybody in-

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they are spoken of as two, each being named a "kernel" or

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death, he related the case of a man in whicli the hfemorrhage

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founded on 70 cases and various reports of epidemics. In 14

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The deputation then thanked his lordship, and withdrew, yd

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relativity between the increase or decrease or the density of

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textbooks on medical subjects which are being published in

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more onerous. What you mean is that if an officer from the

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years it has been on the average 130 per 1,000,000. You may

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common lodging houses, the police have few duties, whereas,

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NEW HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN, Euston Road. N.W.-Fally qualified

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of Excessive fatigue, and cbmpared it to diabetic coma, in

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on Deceniljer 6th, 1892, complaiuiug of broncliitis with laHor of breath.

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the previous year ; but with the larger number of workmen employed,

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Presidency of the Medical Board in London, he did so on

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of stimulus which is found adequate to excite most of the