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seems to be dependent upon the severe secondary anaemia.

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tion of the tax. Accumulation of money proceeded slowly; there was much protest

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and diminution of the corpuscles. The former ranges from 3 to 7 parts,

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made with Sulphate of Copper, must be mixed up with a wooden or

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fever attributed to this source was investigated by Conn at Wesleyan

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with blood. On admission, he was decidedly emaciated

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The slight development of lanugo hair is the cause, as noted by

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Phvsician for Diseases of the Skin, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary ; Consulting

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tal *imder the direction of a Board of Trustees, to be elected by the Board of

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cattle), proves to a certain extent inimical and destructive to the poison.

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siderable value, and its recognition and practice will often be attended with

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we reached Detroit, as did another. Arriving there, we

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kg./day in rabbits and 10 mg.Ag./day in pigs and monkeys did not show cleft palate.

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having led to this opinion. The pain was distinctly epigastric and increased

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arising; and such cases are not uncommon; and this, along with the

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PHILIP MORRIS will be happy to send you a handsomely printed and illuminated copy of this

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with early postoperative lower leg pain. Our feeling is that

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formed disease, which those symptoms manifest. Our treat-