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a case with bilateral vagus degeneration proves the muscular

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mentioned is necessary in order to become convinced

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fifty pages, is the distinguishing feature of Dr. Bennett's

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book. Let us hasten to say, however, that notwithstanding these

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greatly infiltrated, and on each side were small ulcerations with

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may be the same loss of sense for pain, heat, and cold, with preservation

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section, or some of its modifications, is performed in the in-

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the assistants should therefore be changed, as much

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d priori, one would say that light would be calculated to inter-

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in my case for inoculation thus explain the failure? In another

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the treadmill." Its alleged influence in lessening the mortality of smallpox

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peritoneal inflammation very purulent and septic. In ob-

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to previous teachings on the subject the aqueous extract of the

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showing their inefficiency and undue severity. He was

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which had been removed, to find any tubercle bacilli. In

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tion is decidedly improving. Tongue cleaning rapidly.

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dependent systoles and diastoles of the cardiac and the pyloric

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of gtt. x-3iss three times a day. In other cases there

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the transplanted material (periosteum), although growing for a while, dis-

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readers to his work for answers to the first two questions. To

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met and warded oft" by occupation of every hour. Many of the

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such sort of unpreparedness in the profession as a whole as we faced in

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be commenced at once with the appropriate serum. Later the

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peror of Germany to F. Esmarch, Professor of Surgery

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the thorax known as the diaphragm. It may be the result of exhaus-

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through the active cooperation of Miss Zilla MacLauihliii. the h^ ad nurse,

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The Wassermann reaction was positive in both blood serum and spinal

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tension, for any change in the length of a leg, such as that

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nose and mouth become hot and red, the breathing freer, but not

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manifestations of bacilli are found, may be distinguished. Another

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pressure. While the knee-jerk may be lost in traumatic ataxia,

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The history of the symptoms was almost exactly identical with that

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case only in the adrenals. Others, like Chiari,'* Lu-

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soaked in the abundant secretions. As this secretion escapes to

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pensation determining the presence or absence of hydronephrosis.

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malaria among the different races. Among 1000 men of the force

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the blood in these capillaries travels more rapidly than