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eyes, ears and fingers are still basic in diagnosis. A

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that the absent Mr. Lewis was magnetizing her, and soon went to sleep and

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labourer aged 31, had received severe injuries through the fall of a ceiling. The

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nary tuberculosis. Here we can do little more than enumerate some of these

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tion of blood supply due to vascular injury appears to be the simplest

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was found healed. Tlie patient appeared to improve for

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my part For it is apparent from the doctor's attempted

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A :-i xii/xx UiXil \J»Jj 1 . pletely revolutioued the views tacitly admitted by

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fact that his relatives resided in a distant State and

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which was discovered on removing the instrument. He

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Oalleniaerts. Le protargol eu ophtalniologie. Poli-

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comparatively moderate anemia nucleated red cells are quite fre-

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in children shows higher and more irregular pyrexia, more rapid and

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with pregnancy, including the enlargement of the lobules,

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la pretendue d6gen6rescence de la population fraiigaise.

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But there is indeed no department of the medical art which has

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the stone becomes readily accessible. If the stone tends to remain in

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with the former less distinct dull tone heard over the abdomen elsewhere.

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few others were even at the present time sufficiently satisfac-

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* »>MM ta taMMM MMMk^ 4* l> tMM HHln-^Mspftal.

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by supposing that, although in the first instance the vomiting is

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those cases in which great dysphagia exists the stomach

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facing downwards and forwards, at an angle of about 45° with the hori-

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work is one of a very high class. Its descriptions are remarkably

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In the treatment of thoracic arteriovenous aneurysm the same general

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use in localities where the general water-supply is infected. Salads and

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tions made by Dr. Marvin. I believe the less we treat these cases the

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from the temporary block, and that its recovery is only

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with one arm much longer and more oblique than the other. The fornix was

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three weeks elapse belbre the air-cells arc restored to their normal condition,

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number, since attendance upon universities was ordinarily

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clean out the axilla, it would be a totally different question from deal-

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Report of Treasurer, Chas. F. Bowen, Ph. C, M. D., Colum-

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Fever, with the greatest marks of cerebro-spinal disturbance, no organized or organiza-