cent, water. Dry psychoplasm, therefore, is not more than the

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up in the heart, so much the more completely is the fibrin separated

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1. The method of removing the excess of hydrobromic acid after

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Oil of Turpentine in the Treatment of of Seven Cases; Five Treated by Opera-

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was in the Hicks General Hospital, Maryland, under the care of Dr. B. B.

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temples with their hundred styles, so each dissimilar, so each self-stamped as

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Bedsores are not uncommon in the terminal stages of the case, if the

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as emphasized by ^'olland and WestenhoeH'er. The same is true of the

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" Had you actually to faint all the way up? And the disease,

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vertebral column. I have seen happy results from this

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Infantum, Marasmus, Sea Sickness, Excessive use of Alcoholic Stimulants. Per Rectum in all cases where the stomach

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taining either 80 mg or 120 mg of verapamil hydrochloride and embossed with

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globe rotates. It is continuous with the fascia of the recti and obliqui, and

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Institute of Homoeopathy, by the appointment of bureaus, is

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4. We come now to peraissmi — Avenbrugger's valuable suggestion.

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care too small and too numerous to admit of a satisfactory explora-

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were responsible for the spread of the disease. Diseases

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generally preceded and accompanied by fever; and the attack

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baby on her arm. Douglas had stood with him, for a mo-

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enter the sac and find that the bowel is not adherent.

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effects of serpent venom, it may not be deemed inappropriate to devote

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Subsequent to the preparation of this chapter the following

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of the globules and separation from the serum. It stood in a graduated

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first period of thirteen months, 253 deaths from typhoid fever occurred ; whilst daring

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polynuclear cells containing diplococci. The failure of the diplococcus to grow

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disease is steadily passing down country, having apparently

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pellagra. When seen by us in 1912 he stated that he had had a recur-

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mended. Woorara, the properties of which are, according to some,

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facts : (n) that in the last two decades there has been

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my own hands; and also some which, when I had the analysis made of two

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a success when the patient had died. This article was so scandalous