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phthisis. In cases where there is any progressive disease of the

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time for the surrounding tissues to return to their normal resting position.

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moreover, they are always exfoliated with the scales.

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Dr. Pfingst, of Louisville, said that he wished to call attention to

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bite of the tarantula, prevailed in Italy. Under another name it

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found to average, under the age of six months, 125 ;

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duced by holding a pretty firm brain to a grind-stone in brisk

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cases there may be small round cells, extravasated blood cells, and sepa-

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inconsistency or want of adjustment. Apart from the fact that several stabs

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opium, or by calomel and opium, or by the chalk mixture

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is changed into a thin broth, which in spite of its thin-

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the orbit, or may pass back into the pharynx, be swal-

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on one side more than on the other may induce error. In short, every cir-

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diamonds to view them from all angles. This results in some

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Chronic Inflammation by its Effects in Rheumatic Ophthalmia. — Its


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blood just how much is present in soluble and ergo pre-

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eligible to join S.D.Med.PAC. Family members and medical society staff can also become members of