send such certificates to all physicians desiring them, who may
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The second part of the book is said, in the preface, to " contain many
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fever, as a rule, show a remarkable tolerance of the
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fection, but they are non-infectious. That is the point I am trying
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arrest of the normal secretion and an abnormal dryness are then evi-
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of the fact that this bacillus is a living germ that de-
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this was far less in evidence than the disturbances in
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used sutures for the peritoneum alone. The sutures are entered quite near
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with leontiasis in which the melorheostosis involved the
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xlvii, 240-248. — Treillc (A.) Le Rhamadan ou jetine
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pal cities of the United States. An analysis of the infor-
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not drink it although she desires it. Feels cold, and wante to be in a
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surgery he well recognized as of less value than in
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make their visits as they may deem necessary. Since the establishment of
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persuading patients to submit to operation. These relate to the unsatis-
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contamination by the amount of the chloride of sodium it contains. Chemical
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a typhoid pneumonia. But it is not a mere pneumonia; for not only
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are common concomitants — so-called calculous cholecystitis and cholan-
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i who had hanged herself, found extravasated blood behind the two first vertebras
portion of the iris, having grasped it at its pupillary
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ful examination revealing neither dislocation nor fracture, the case was put
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larly in hospital practice. They cause physicians much
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This is accomplished by the use of lavage of the stomach if
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34 deaths occurred in No. 1 district, south side, from which 3 were
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Retrocedent or Suppressed Gout; Visceral Gout. — These terms are
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as land, water, vegetation, animals, and other features
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all cases in which medicines of this class are found
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satisfied : (i) That there is a definite morbid or mechanical per-
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this letter. It is siillicient to state that I con-
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we should suspect the presence of a foreign body in the nose,
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experienced the disagreeable results produced by reflex
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that there is no risk either to mother or infant. If