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{b) Clinical Gynaecology , including diagnosis and non-operative treatment.
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remains the head of the advancing intussusceptum. In rare cases (the
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it is always a sign of bacterial fermentation. It occurs in colourless or
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into some neighbouring viscus, when a fistula is formed. Gallstones may
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"When this is adopted early, they usually subside. Sometimes facial
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By KicnAHD Mills rj-AUci;. :M.1).. Sc.D.. Professor of Re-
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a locally applied dressing, and it is obviously more satisfactory in
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surface of the fingers, it follows that an abrasion of the back of a finger is not so
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venient means of applying methods of treatment long in use. In a few
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channels in the glands interfering with the lymph absorption. The
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one to six, or even more. They are very slender and of great length —
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splenectomy in this condition there is a disappearance of the urobilinuria,
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mercury, a process which at this stage is not dangerous. The danger
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Coxa vara or a curvature of the neck of the femur downwards and
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Hydatid cysts are often found growing in the peritoneal subserous coat.
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Of interest, too, are our observations on case N-G, 4 months pregnant,
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So grave indeed is the risk to the child that in an elderly primipara
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affected side are restricted, the right rectus tense, and perhaps the corre-
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are perfectly well, and iTiew not the leaft fymptom
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way can be held out. Unfortunately, the patient does not as a rule apply
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of cases of tuberculosis occurs among the children of phthisical parents
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contained chloride. The headaches disappeared and the patient became
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of three or four years old and upwards, who have hitherto been fairly
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circumstances. Alcohol is often necessary, and half an ounce in the twenty-
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/^ and somewhat glistening. At or near its centre a
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Hyperpyrexial, comatose, convulsive, and paralytic attacks. — It occasion-
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