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by that route. The incision in the buccal mucous membrane is now closed

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the main distributing point of the toxic or infective agent.

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the state of the atmosphere. It is very common to hear

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ladies," he said, " attending separate classes, taught by Uni-

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mighty monarch, whose queenly gaze is fixed upon us, founded

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of this problem, in mobilizing appropriate consultation and

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with oil-silk. Equally good results will be obtained

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afpecl ; by the touch ; by diffeftion ; by corrofion of parts ; by mace-

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period of pregnancy, but since then she liad rapidly enlarged. Tlie history

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requires its own dietary. It is obvious, from what we know of

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third in oVder is the great lake region of Ontario, Wisconsin

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sion four inches in length, and two and one-half in breadth. By

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visitation of a professional etherizer, and the introduc-

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should be corrected as far as possible, and those which

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'"''■' "1"" "' ..v.. .111.1-' y,"., „.',., I ,,.,, .,,,

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weighs in importance not only the nervous but all other

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Without meaning thereby to exclude the various causes which have

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Dr. North inquired of Dr. Fowler whether, in his investigation of this subject, he

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as almost to justify the statement that there was none.

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especially during the first six or eight months. When the

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the heart. The dying adult heart usually quickens, and may even asume

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can not well be disregarded when estimating ephemeral changes in

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no interference with the action of the bowels, but the patient had had a con-

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etc.), and Leredde regards the disease as a " toxi-tuberculide " standing

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1. During the period following an extensive epidemic, there ma}'

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