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tion, attended with induration, prominence, and duskiness of tint, but

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amination it was found that the stiflness of the neck-muscles


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three and a half hours they were nearly all inclosed in the epithelial


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symptoms, and pathology of tabes, I propose, before turning to diagnosis

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" If only the lateral lobe, or one-half of the cerebellum, is removed,

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lium, not only loose cells, but coherent masses of considerable size, forming


those, the limbs were affected, but not the skull or face, and in both

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ble] — the one Sir John, and the other Lady Douglas. The resemblance was

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reaching a height of 102°, the girth of the neck increased, and the

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potassium or five to ten grains of the carbonate of lithium

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Lelpz., 1878, iv, 1-111. Aho, ()'a9wi. [Abstr.J : l!ev. iiiter-

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inability to lie down at night, and short breathing. There is no

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deformity as marked as those caused by bony distortion.

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It is supposed, that the failure just noticed may generally be owing,

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could cost them their life’s savings. Why is the United

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ments regarding the " Class Method " (D) have been formulated in

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printed testimony tends towards the establishment of this fact.

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a faithful sentinel upon his watch tower anxiously awaiting die

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Last year, Dr. Ascherson informed me that he had seen a case of

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given attention to the subject have come to regard the two affections as

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relatively little time, and the convention hall proper was devoted

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Hospital, £100 ; the Westminster Hospital, £100 ; Qneen

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condition of the patient as shown by his acts of judgment and reason


of the transformation into young connective tissue it becomes impossible