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this remedy has proved of remarkable curative value in the treatment of
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of the head-gear. Such sun-hats are, I believe, now
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cells cannot hold the glycogen after it is formed but
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du tissu musculaire dues la presence de myxosporidies
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It is then ready for use, and is placed in a glass cylinder, capable of
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We must not imagine that the moment there is something wrong
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of reconstructing the joint in the most complete manner,
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♦Read at Seventeenth Semi-Annual meeting of Southern California Medical Society, held at Pomona,
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rived by percussion over that portion of the heart uncovered by the
is not conclusive when negative. — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.
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named vessels up to October 28th : Str. " City of Alex-
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of its local action was not suspected. It was reserved for
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first sound, characterizes the feebleness from this as well as other lesions.
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and 3 p.m. Names of referral physicians will be furnished
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person the pulse-rate is slower the better his physical condition.
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This is the province of the enlightened and experienced phy-
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teaches ihal parents, married ai a laie period, are more likely to p\e
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ing remarks, and to lend your valuable aid in furthering their endeavors.
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was obscured by the fibroids, the spinal canal of the child was punc-
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what mysterious fold of peritoneum, the great omentum.
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paper in the 'Guy's Eeports ' for 1871, and Sir Dyce Duckworth's in the
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the descriptions are at times so abridged that they give
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and public hygiene. The question of personal hygiene is the more
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the local board of health, and consequently no care was