cooperate in any plan that is presented to bring about an interchange
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mitted on the same day as the above-named patients, had a gunshot wound
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was not necessary to check the bleeding after extraction of the
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Lond., 1876, i, 572.— Traube (L.) Ueber die Wirknugen
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who witness such instances of disease, would furnish us more minute his-
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fact, simple oedema about the inferior portion of the larynx, from general de-
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Newport : President, Dr. W. W. (Jodding, of Washingtun,
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profession ; but, as the impurity is due to imperfect
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disease. Perhaps it is from not recognising this disease, which is one of
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one month's work there was marked diminution in the number
the nerve-filaments of the mucosa, being the most ex-
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and in women pruritus vulvae, should suggest the possibility of the existence
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The mesenteric glands are very slightly enlarged, of normal consistency, and
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vice-president, the Society elected him to the highest honour it can
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Except in very young infants, he believes the initial dose should be 2,000 units,
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up, althougli we heard the two aneurismal sounds in the right
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I look upon as the true view, should be upheld by the Dublin school of
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the lung. Dry pleurisy is a constant accompaniment of chronic pulmonary
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Circumference of abdomen, 114.4 cm. (45 inches). Length
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and its duties in relation to science, to its individual members,
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Dr. Weidner: Like Dr. Cheatham, I have little to add to the
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hepatizaJdoa of the lung may exist without alteration of the sound upon
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situated in the large intestine. Here only can we ascertain, with
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the cauterization of the cornea does not affect the
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portant in some cases, it is not be inferred that they are invariably indi-
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autumn of 1897, considerably over thirty deaths have been re-
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Sir : Referring to the controversy taking place in the
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Radius and ulna. — -Simple 3, compound 1. 3 M., 1 F.
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able cases of uterine disease accompanied by acne, in
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the ulcer, and thinks the bandage too tight. Eedress, putting
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and small incisions, or by a depending one, involving
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