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Withdrawal - she became unable to articulate clearly; this gradually increased; and before death she became quite unintelligible.

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The functions of the stomach and alimentary canal, generally, are imperfectly performed for a long period after recovery, and hepatic enlargement of and induration, attended by a long succession of saflerings from visceral obstructions and mechanical impediments to the performance of the abdominal functions, and to the transmission of the abdominal circulation. This result was then verified by the stenopaic slit and trial glasses, and by double image being fused by the correcting glass, or the point of light may be moved with the carrier back and forth until but one image is seen, which will be at the distance for weight which the eye is focussed. Now when this over-production is appropriated to its proper use, we have a physiological action; when it cannot be so disposed of, its waste is simply the manifestation of an interruption in nature's course, That these oft repeated pathological discharges are drug attended with so few embarrassments to the system is but one of the many evidences of the unparalleled wisdom of nature, in that these frequent interruptions were foreseen, and means provided to meet the consfequences with the least possible constitutional disturbance. There was no tenderness or rigidity online of the spine. In the north of France horses with chronic bronchitis are maintained in a serviceable condition by a diet of cut straw and cut hay, well sifted to remove all dust, mixed with oats capsule and molasses and set aside in a large cask to ferment before being given to the animals. Five eleven "and" after accident, tried to walk, but staggered, and involuntarily moved bachvarcl. States:"On an "veterinaire" empty stomach give from fifteen to twenty-five minims of the tincture of opium in a small quantity of water; fifteen or twenty minutes later apply a counter-irritant to the epigastrium, and at the same time give the powdered ipecacuanha in as little water as possible.

Owing to narrow nostrils and less exposure uk at rapid paces on dusty roads, cattle sufiFer less than horses from inhaled particles of dust, yet when moved in droves the dust becomes a source of trouble.

There had been a "oral" progressive pallor and weakness for the previous two months. Sir William Burnett, in his Account of a Contagious Fever at Chatham, mg gives the history of a party of men belonging to the St.

The excised portion of the larynx and tongue measured eleven centimetres in length, and the piece of tongue three centimetres, the incision being carried in front of the circumvallate solution papillai.