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afterward in these neglected cases where there has been
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but in movements which involve contraction of the affected muscles, the
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purest and sweetest lamp oil, and procured several varieties of whale
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gave her consent, and the time was appointed for the
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opposing morbific and recuperative forces are so nearly balanced,
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attacks each night for a week or ten days, constituting a so-called "fit of
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in the posterior part of the corpus callosum. I believe also that each of
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discharge of a considerable quantity of pus by vomiting or by the bowel,
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which the coincidence I have dwelt on has been observed to take
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teenth, have begun to dry and condense into a hard crust. From the
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much suffering to the disease. It does not generally
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" In epistaxis prevent the air passing through the nasal
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4. Purulent Encephalitis and Cerebral Abscess in the New-
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schools ? Teachers of midwifery — limited as they are by the
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operation, there was a very slight adhesion of the anterior surface of the
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the periosteum of the distal portions of the long bones and in the
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equivalent to three troy ounces and a half, of which he took,
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all our material is studied I think we shall find that
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Chemical Processes Occurring in the Intestine. — ^The digestive pro-
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puscular body, being 1-5 ^ in diameter when round, and 3 by 2 ^ to 2-5 by
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somewhat suddenly, and, after a week of extreme prostration,
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these conditions, agents which produce hyperemia of the
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nerves; the roots of which, emanating from the anterior and pos-
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she had blown out the gas. He made violent raps on the door,
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severe, called Dr. Chadwick in consultation, by whom
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the cure was, probably, retarded by the disease having been
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theory of Dr. Brown-S^quard be right, how is this to be explained ? In this case, the
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— -Nucleins — Pelletierine — Salol — Silver : Pharyn-
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lobbyist and legal staff to guard against the encroachment
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they best can follow developments and participate. . . .
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frequentlj^ aggravated in certain postures and may be dry and attended
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Neuralgia of the severest character is sometimes removed
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to occasion those alarming faintings and sinkings ;
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of the liver, leucin and tyrosin are liberated in large amount and may
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mal. On the right side, the vesicular murmur is supplanted by loud amphoric
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Conveyance of Yellow-Fever Infection. — J. O. Cobb con'
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As I pointed out in my previous report, the very wide difference in
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have thrown doubt on the competency of the jugular valves. The
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hospital, his temperature, taken three times daily, averaged 99.3, the ex-
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II Averages of the returns in recent weeks have been substituted for
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