by the family — a thing which rarely happens, as the
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and no tendency for the infection to spread locally" (p. 93),
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and the following might have dropped from the pen of Hahnemann—
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genital tract during the puerperal period. The new chemical
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exhibited by Mr. Nettleship ; some arteries from the pia-mater,
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as of acute pleuritis. It may be produced traumatically. It may
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which only air transportation was possible, was slightly
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certain number of cases, the proportion being about one-half, according
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in the use of the knife, but who cannot see their duty in withholding the knife from
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ing figures in medicine, died May 27 at Baden-Baden, of heart
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15tft. — Ten a.m. ; was uneasy during the first few hours of the
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nature of occupation, between thirty and ninety per
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ing a Case of Traumatic Rupture of Congenital Cystic Kidney. Dr. C E.
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piration in cer-tain cases adds to the diificulty. The following points are
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stitutional reaction; recovery under cleanliness and ap-
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and among them several professors, who have lent ttieir example to this
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passing through the intestinal wall these bodies are
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cases — nearly all in fact — cannot be seriously ques-
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less because of the congestion of the portal circulation induced by
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identical in all the cases examined. Kiihnemanu's theory is that
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have been inclined to look at them a little more as
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necessarily to be done with the clothing not removed,
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Hypersensitivity - As with other Hrreceptor antagonists, rare cases of anaphy-
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extent, that a catairh, which was, at first, quite unimportant, becomes a
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after the injectioii of tuberculin consists first in general symptoms, espe-
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grow very slowly ; their borders usually reveal an increase of
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generous host. His social qualities made him a welcome guest
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contractions of the lung has attracted much attention smce these lectnies
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