to the patient's general health, if he is otherwise sound. Even in the case
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subjects of abnormally low resistance infected by the
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piratory muscles. The same occurs in extreme debility, when all
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and constitutional disturbance, we find prominence and
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pudding, enriched with butter, and well seasoned with pepper and salt,
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tion of the molecular parts of the pulmonary substance. In
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valloy than all other remedies with which we are acquainted,
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patients. With the novice, as well as those who know
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bined action on the part of the Profession in securing a high
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from it, over a variety of diseases incident to mankind, and
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carrying the operator's hand out of the line of vision, the
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inflammatory growth tends to obstruct the lumen of the
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bones with the pulmonary affection the etiology is obscure.
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never seen a case in point. It is difficult to conceive of a dis-
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occurred. About the former date no less than 60,000 persons are said to
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acid. This was the second day of attack, upon which I was first called.
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serious than had ever been observed under like circumstances; and the injuries
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public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to
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extermination outside the human organism. It seems to
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tended to a degree rendering them useless. The scars of burns are
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of potassium in syphilitic indurations, and he observes that in
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Yellow Fever in Charleston, by Dr. Cain ; on the Medical To-
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the solids occupy in health. The cephalo-rachidian liquid is, however, to
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quite cold, furred, and yellow ; no pulse could be felt at the
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particularly that of Laverania malarice, it appears to have no action.
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often be hampered by such incidents as one that recently hap-
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the small amount of oxygen in their constitution, compared
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antigen, combined with selective absorption of the antiserum to rid
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to be almost hopelessly addicted to drink before, he
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in which local disease of the brain and local discharge cause such partial
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Um ike fmimime tremtmwmi tm kt f m J Im n d. On the lit*, it is reported that she took
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by granulation. The separation of sloughs is favoured by
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The Health of the State of New York.— The " Monthly Bulletin of
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in neuralgia. The areas of blood-sweating are situated at times on