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The patient was a man 63 years of age, and had been under the care of Dr.

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than in those cases of weak, irritable stomachs which are

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Animal food is preferable to vegetable, in diabetes.

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which the scarlet fever (confirmed as to diagnosis after admission to

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General Dermatologist with surgical skills needed to assume

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a few weeks ago that he was admitted to the Manchester Royal Infirmary, and

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the uses of which are to move the eye and hold it in place. At the

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development of imaging techniques will be helpful in giving

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or titled patrons, but depend mainly for support upon the munificence and

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citizens will wake up and will help their medical men to

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times less frequent than melancholia; the hereditary element

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after flusing, excess fat is present. Bulky, porridge-lih

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observation of this enables one to state that one or other side is

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occasional anecdote, throwing a little light on his own career.

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cient consideration of the peculiarities of the skin in

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are not typical; and, therefore, cases which it is difficult to assign to

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calculi by this method, which consists principally in passing the ure-

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sucked into the trachea even with a coughing patient.

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L.iud., 1897, i, 2.59.— Presser (L.) Ueber die Behandlung

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to stand for a long period of time. In seven drachms of this

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Earache, Dr. E. H. Brooks, Appleton; The General PractUumer and the Mi-

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This specimen is still in the Guy's Museum and is probably

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form ; the one most rebellious to treatment is the mental form. In a case

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ment of certain effects on the heart and blood-vessels. We do not mean to

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ingredients. Mr. CoUes, of Dublin, injects muriated tincture of

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ages begun by the 20 pseudo-doctors, but may have an in-

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Cube in one corner, the tick is blown up by the mouth, to any reqaired

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bladder in the infant lies within the cavity of the true pelvis and

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to whom I then communicated my results with the phenic acid,

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effect on the carotid blood-pressure. It was only when the vena