antagonists have almost invariably neglected to notice, when

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Bramwell ; Drs D. Berry Hart and A. H. F. Barbour (for Diseases of Women).

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found at autopsy in 20% or more of cases of clinical AD.

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was injected intracutaneously, as in the previous case, with the

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show that this remedy, rather freely soluble in water,

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allowing the slides to remain for five minutes in absolute alcohol.

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that the vessels are primitively constituted under the government of the nerves, and that from them the isroe aad

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applied. The ulcer continued to increase in size, and an ulcer appeared on the

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of his proper aims and duties, and of his political

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Dr. Howard Sinclair, in replying, said he had frequently

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as a question preliminary to how it obtained it, the answer must

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any event a strict quarantine should be maintained for a num-

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was already passing out of the system through the kidneys.

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son and Sir James Simpson, into the " colliers' black spit " (spurious mela-

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withdrawal of from at least three hundred to six hundred cubic centi-

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face, or exposing the buttocks in a cold water-closet, have sufficed to bring

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soft catheter was fixed in position in the perineal wound and

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surgeon performed this operation, and was instructed to in-

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detected on any portion of the body, but on the fifth day

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initial paroxysm ; in one, a drunkard with large fatty liver had pyrexia

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and the prompt attention and antiseptic treatment. Dr.


phonation, and of those which have to do with the acts of

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this is very quickly followed by a long series of short expiratory efforts and a

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chronological list of cases registered; (3) the report cards (Form

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(4 cm.) (8 of the squares), a to 6 are marked off. From each of these points is erected

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examinations for the Membership, at which 423 candi

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Frederick City ; Henry C. Hallowell, Esq., Montgom-

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Marriages, and Deaths, 6. — Relating to domestic animals by whose fero-

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8. — Fowler reports a case in which he has successfully

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Disability need not be incurred in line of duty — benefits

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last stage of the diseiise, the redness which character-

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pancreatic internal secretion (as in diabetes), sugar injection would have no effect

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Illustrations should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and the

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dian fever. It would be a great error to put two such cases under

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service of our progressive science is shown in these

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