The first case was that of a short-sighted student, who

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detailed his own experience in the usefulness of this instrument. He

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nor, if we admit that it is modified in the animal, is it certain that the

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substance, causing degeneration, thickening, death and replace-

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cases the cartilage was exposed at the bottom of the cyst. In three

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that the method should be employed in the killing of

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that the chemical changes which result from burning sulphur

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shoulders meet with an obstacle at the entrance of the pelvis.

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obscure case, because other evidences are present to qualify the

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multiple tumors developed rapidly in various portions of the

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246. On the Value of Arsenic in Menorrhagia and Leucorrhoea. Dr. J. H. Aveling 237

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and had to be cautious to eat only the most easily digested

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splint so that the joint may be restricted in motion and

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steam into his nostrils, and at each exhalation forcing it