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and of the use of wine unless largely diluted with water, were among
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Anatomy, microscopic, appended to the chair of physiology, 93,
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be present. After this, injections of camphor and ether give most
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various sources. In the question before us we must above all not
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quently precedes an articular inflammation. It sometimes so far
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very common in many other affections. It only indicates the begin-
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A wash, containing astringents, as alum and tannin, is harmless,
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chief by entangling the fibrin of the blood and forming little clots,
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the bladder with the urine the result is favorable, but should the pus
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tion. But the sebaceous glands of the skin are also overactive, and
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225 diabetics. At Yichy, Durand-Fardel, excluding all cases of
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exophthalmic goitre, a point which has also been dwelt upon by
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i-auses of disease were much dwelt upon. When insanity appeared
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companied by any trace of uratic deposit in the kidneys. Only the
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Clinical Medicine, represented in his day the best type
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larger portion of the heart adjoins the thoracic wall, the impulse is
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bronchial affection was coincident with the suppression of an old erup-
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blood and tissues, the fluids sujDplied need only be limited in propor-
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knowledge concerning other apparently less important organs.
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interesting from its bearing upon the pathology of arthritis deformans,
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the presence of well-marked signs of mitral regurgitation.
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officio ', the president of the New York Hospital ; the
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exhibiting a reticulated appearance. The size of the heart was natu-
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without convulsions. The mind may be clouded and delirium of a low and
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happy effects. It makes a clear mixture and does not, like most
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been drawn from Dr. Richardson's experiments as fallacious and un-
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the acute febrile period has been passed. The occurrence of nephritis
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ences of whose existence their external form gives no evidence. Two
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of fat acquires quite an extraordinary energy, fat in excess accumu-
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counted among tlie regular symi)toms of the later stages, if we exce])t
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called progressive myopathic atrophy. It is in progressive muscular