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which have been urged against the interpretation of the gross statis-

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very minute, and at first sight look like staphylococci, but closer

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the special predisposition of adolescents to influenza are the statistics

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death rate is 13.6, which is the death rate of the registration area of the

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profession and health authorities. The objections which have

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was brought out in 1827, under the title of the "Ame-

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there. There are a number of houses where no man is allowed by the

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thejever, and decline as that remits." (a) Drake says that when

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ral paralysis. According to its nature : Motor (acinesia), and Sen-

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forcement of a proper regulation of the practice of medicine,

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the standard blood-agar plates, but their use has not been essential for the

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\ lb, litharge 2 oz., water 3 quarts ; boil together to dryness. —

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greatly our comprehension of the problems that beset us. Neverthe-

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turbance in the brain or cord, and thus affect the vital func-

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ing its roots into her vitals without infecting those who have commerce

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Friedreich's .Vtaxia in an Undersized (iirl, aged 10. i;y .Iamks Tayloi , M.D. ... 141

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connections are hinge joints and consequently less sensitive to misuse. Model I

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"^"^ion, being more than seventy per cent. — Dr. J. B. Mat-

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ingestion of quinine, and for the most part at the very period at which

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"'"■'">">'"'"7 '"■ traumatic exudate from the pleura. Such a collection

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congestion of the brain or cord, including the meninges. There is

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animals experimented upon lived long enough to overcome the

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years before, a. There was no other way to relieve her than by the operation.

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be expected that disease will assume a more sthenic type.

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Hydrophobia is so common in India and Ceylon that a knowledge of its

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in such a way as to leave plenty of room for local action.

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covers in eight to fourteen days. When suppuration occurs, and ab-

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at the second dressing to be washed with proof spirit or Laudanum

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therapy, and he fully believes that the deserved repu-

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may sometimes be obtained by rendering the culture medium acid with

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& Reg., Phila.. 1899, xxxvii, 291-296.— HinshelwoofI

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financial reasons, and who have enormous statistics,

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is used as a guide, although subjeel to errors, as are

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mortem appearance caused by partial softening of the cord, mixing after

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cells are now regarded pathologically as equivalent elements, and

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very great obstacle^ under common circumstances, to the pas-

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