painful. In fifteen minutes, after a dose of the digitalis combina-
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societies, or unless he or she shall first be examined by said board touch-
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ever. It severs friendship — destroys all the na-
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in any part. The thoracic viscera were equally healthy, as well as those of
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many instances of the influence of the mind over parturient ac-
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full term of her third pregnancy, dating from April 21, 1911, was
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J. V, Wolfe, Lincoln, Nebr. — If quiet, attend the sow and remove the pigs to a
that the quantity of motion or physical force displayed by a
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first is strictly necessary : then moist food after the third day : and when the inflam-
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tion that each candidate possesses a thorough knowledge
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bases formed by the submucous coat, muscular coat, or perito-
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indebted to the liberality of Pautia RaUi, Esq., and called after
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and worthy of the particular attention of the anat-
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pense to the applicant in arranging for the personal
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of the fact that this bacillus is a living germ that de-
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a ehecl^ of the naturally increased perspiration from a chill.
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If people are unable to care for themselves and the strong have to
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depresses normal temperatures from a degree to a degree and a half.
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of the power for mischief of any waste matter by its original oflensiveness,
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ment is not so frequently applied to these as to other forms of hernia, the
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lists of consecutive recoveries longer than Tait's, none
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fracture. When I visited him in half an hour after, 1 found
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stump, leaving the patient with a shorter but broader
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I move, ladies and gentlemen, that we give the Chairman a vote
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willing to sacrifice the life of the foetus in order to save
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with great frequency. Hirsch enumerates fifteen affecting
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