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(sedation). This action probably takes place because the
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MA215 Health Sciences Center, Columbia, MO 65212. 314/
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spontaneously after atropin for a few minutes, as pointed out in one case
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solution of the extract of belladonna, to dilate the pupil, and facilitate
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bile ducts of the liver, causing extensive inflammation,
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is, however, not always correct, for these infections, when uncomplicated
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more of strictly scientific discussion ; and we cannot see
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acid is added, and coagulation effected by heating. The process used is that of
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would greatly increase the costs and risks without demon-
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glasses are discarded, when it makes its appearance after a few
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and glycerin, of each 10 parts, and water ISO parts, may be used.
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Introduced by the Medical Student Councilor District
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retention of urea in the blood, which thus acts as a poison.
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Dr. Andrewes and to Mr. Shattock. The opinion expressed by all who had
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from serum and synovia artificially impregnated with
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gressive contractions, extending from above downwards, which
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barrassed, and this was relieved by tapping. [c.L L.]
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cynanche trachealis upon any subject under three years of age. I have,