has continued for a few moments, or at the longest an hour, it gradually

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sideration of the localities best suited to phthisical patients in this and

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iliac disease, pressure upon the iliac crests will produce pain, whereas

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never be given in any stage of plithisis, except as already noted in con-

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der ; if its presence is accompanied by slight colicky

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the dilatation. Most cases are incurable. Surgical measures may afford

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Percuitsiun. — Tiie area of hepatic duluess is somewhat smaller than

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or they may be encapsulated in firm cicatricial tissue, their contents sub-

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week ; the decline follows in the same manner as in a typical case. This

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the convalescent patient. Occasionally relapses have occurred when great

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microscopical appearance of pus is suflBcicnt to determine its presence ; for

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fatty metamorphosis. The mucous membrane of the pelvis and calices is

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diarrhoea, vomiting, and the development of other typhoid symptoms ; but

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pleurisy will result. A single, rarely a double, fistulous canal may connect

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diaphysis, consists of a fracture through the film of cartilage which

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dangerous. The animal is insensible to pain and its taste is perverted

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to articulate clearly. When paralysis is unilateral the velum is drawn to

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a mass of earth worms; upon lying HY, Hydrocele; NH, Epididymis; HO.Testicle.

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periodicity in the variations in temperature in continued malarial fever,

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Under abnormal conditions, and as the result of processes that are not fully

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more recent surgical procedures. In both, absolute rest is one of the essen-

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exudation and in this way does harm. It is perhaps most usefn] as a

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The attempts which the patient makes to swallow an imaginary substance

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faces of the shoulder and upper arm, extending down below the inser-

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ity for a very long time, until they find the necessary conditions for their

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circulation to the nerve, and removing the cause. If it is rheumatism,

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ure. There is always more or less extensive intestinal catarrh in every

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becomes indented. As it increases in size, the fibrous capsule becomes

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and diaphragmatic paralysis or from getting a bit of solid food in the

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general, there are symptoms of collapse, and the anxious face, thoracic respi-

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may break through into the pleural cavity and cause pyopneumothorax.

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water we drink. This poison may be contained in gases which emanate

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be washed out with an antiseptic solution and the cavity swabbed out

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theria ; the most frequent serous inflammation is endocarditis.

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prevailing (which is usually the case), the rapid development of the disease,

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Prognosis.— The prognosis will depend upon the seat and cause of the

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phthisical tendencies should not breathe air laden with foul vapors or fine

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