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to the heart. The case was that of a healthy girl of 10 years

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— The demonstration of these cases was conducted by

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cal Council, and was its treasurer from the time of its organi-

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T. R. Simond*.— Both works have their merits. If you want nice figures,

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Hygiene of the Voice — Its Physiology and Anatomy. By Ghislani Du-

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ophthalmia in all stages was present in some day schools.

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from the results of the first few doses. I'he lesson to be

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meantime we confine our observations to the former. Bristol

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atropin seems to exercise a more powerful action on the spinal cord,

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usually while the child is at play. Examination shows

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and others wiio, having been exposed to the causes of the disease in southern

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{Jlinmd Manual for the Study of Diseases of the Throat. By

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may be palpated below the border of the liver, and the

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missed — Sims Woodhead, and the British Royal Com-

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brane. There were evidences of a large calibre strict-

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With frictions to the skin, had been in his hands the most successful means of

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sition. The left knee cannot be extended beyond a right

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>y such ignorance for effecting much good among our fellow beings.—

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not half so keen as that which the profession will feel

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hard to tell. I have just spent a few days with a physician of

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this category the use of thyroid extract (desiccated) in small doses caused

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I WISH to deny at the outset any intention of assuming

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never felt so much surprised as he was at this treatment, but having

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blesome for the surgeon ; it entails no suffering on

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Failure of the spinal and associated muscles leaves the

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degeneration supervening from imperfect supply of blood, or

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the disease persisted, and from Christmas to February 18, 1870, there had been

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And, therefore, literally and truly, as was said long ago in the way of proverb,

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disclosed the fact that many sufferers from this trouble

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period of intlammation ; and then the period of exhaust-

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not ; either they were sincere and anxious to put down drun-

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(1968-74). But most of his career was in the Department of

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