and concentrated digestible foods. As they occur, however, in children

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development, although it may exist for years before the other symptoms

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Although the limb is often of ereat service after excision of the

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or a general peritonitis each in about fourteen per cent. Eichardson

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ing at birth is due, probably, to a like irregularity of development.

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bacteriological laboratory of the Harvard Medical School that of nine

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which may be as large as a hen's egg. Intestinal calculi may be com-

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MORBID ANATOMY. In foetal atelectasis the posterior and lower por-

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and are also germicidal. They have been much used. Perchloride of

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scription. The symptoms can, perhaps, best be studied by arranging

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The greatest danger is found to be, not so much in the quantity

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In Germany the mechanical treatment of Gerhardt is said to be much

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white of one or two eggs should be thoroughly shaken with a pint of

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means of the steam atomizer or other device. A light, nutritious, sup-

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ounce each, at intervals of a minute, or longer. It should not be too

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Parenchymatous glossitis is a relatively rare affection, characterized

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rhagic infarction and abscess of the spleen may occur as complications.

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has been exhibited ; but the combination of chloral and morphine sul-


of the inflammation opaque-yellow streaks and clots indicate pus, and


unrolling of her own character, of its difficulties, its dangers, and its pos-

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further studies of the autumnal fevers of the South, with careful inves-

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covery is that the paralysis has been largely due to compression of

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£Eunilie8 of six of its deceased members at present receive aid from its

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carry the necessary directions, are to be had at various centres of dis-

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receive independent consideration. Acute articular rheumatism is of

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processes in which fibrous tissue is found in the lungs. It may grow

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into the gall-bladder or into the hepatic ducts ; in the latter case abscesses

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nesium citrate), so alternated, that the patient shall take one or the other

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fidled on account of the quality of the meat being bad — so bad, in-

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presence of bile-pigment. This is usually accomplished by the use of

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physical examination the face is either pale or livid : in the latter case

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TREATMENT. The indications for treatment in chronic Bright' s dis-

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heart disease are to be applied to the individual case. (See page 668.)

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Erysipelas of the mucous membranes may arise during an attack of

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In the advanced stages of cerebral tumor, when optic atrophy has

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Chorea is prone to recur, not because one attack predisposes to an-

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in the current history of medicine and surgery. Reviews of recent

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DIAGNOSIS. Since chlorosis is a disease in which anaemia is a condi-

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with large cheesy, sometimes softened nodules, due to an earlier localized

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obvious exciting cause, resembling attacks of asthma. Finally, the respi-

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