them forth into the world. I do not mention this fact, sir, to

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torpor and sluggishness,, and at times there is even some exaltation, the

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will be convenient to consider insomnia with regard to (a) its causes,

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reaction in the dilution of 1-10, while the results remained

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noticeable ; in them very often a dry, scaly condition of the skin

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be mainly of what is called a practical character. Your execu-

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bulb. If now pain and tenderness to finger-point pressure become apparent

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disease from human beings to brutes has reoeatedlv been successful

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of early primary operations, of tying a wounded artery, if

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examined by an expert in tuberculosis who made a definite diagnosis of

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Of course, there is a good resume of the modern treatment, which is better than

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was made through the expansion of the be in the nature of an exploratory laparo-

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If you have any doubts about what you are now doing to control

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tree from which I plucked it. In both cases, the imitation would be a thing

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that no irritating substances or undigested food remain in

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the normal. The amount of reaction, as manifested by

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are common concomitants — so-called calculous cholecystitis and cholan-

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systems. Now more than ever, experienced oversight can

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" putrid sore throat. " The occasional existence of true gangrene

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on milk diluted with water, the urine contained a much larger proportion

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years. This view was long ago proved to be unfounded. About eveiy

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collapse of the abdomen below it. Had nothing to eat, and drank only a little

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meningitis on severe or extensive tuberculous disease elsewhere is some-

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Pieces of the lumbar cord of this monkey were taken aseptically and preserved

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remarkable, having an enormously long, slender air-tube. The head is

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there was a rent to the extent of about a half-inch, in

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proportion of fatal cases. It did not appear that marsh mias-

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valloy than all other remedies with which we are acquainted,

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other epidemics, the weight of the disease has fallen at one time upon the brain,

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circumstances of his illness were such that careful observation of symp-

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not be at all surprised if she lived for a considerable period.

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tions of erysipelas serum were begun in January, 1895,

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1952. Grieco, Reynold M., 2 W. 4th St., Williamsport, Pa.