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were usurping the place of the vital theorists. Boerhaave, too
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hanging quite freely from their attachments, and the auricular ventricular stream
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of time in relation to meals, it is conducted spasmod-
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dies which have been made use of to relieve it ; in
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the left vocal cord and interarytaenoid space, together with pulmonary
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remains alive but ill stricken and slowly deteriorat-
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intermittent fever combined with several "burning fits" (two in twenty-
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caliber, and entered the mid-dorsal region a little to the left of
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found to average, under the age of six months, 125 ;
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granted. As a result an operation was advised at once. She con-
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disease, from being transmitted by the tsetse fly, Glossina morsitans. All animals
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In sending a patient away from home in search of health, recommend him to
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assumes a greyish tint, and stains readily with carmine.
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food eaten, and headache. The tongue wa« furred ; no appe-
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part whatever in the proceedings ; they were not present, or,
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allow it to float. The pills can be used one after the other, if the methylene-blue
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records a case exhibiting the most extreme degree of obstruction in which
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Under date of February 25th Dr. J. A. McDonald of Century, Fla., writes as follows;
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exists, there is always danger connected with its organic cause.
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infections in Spain. Although all Spanish strains are cur-
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generally, as distinguished from the localised P. podicis and pudendi, under
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Rochester, was referred by Dr. W. E. L. The patient was
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use were by no means uniform, for not only were they employed in
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early rectification of amal-presentation, but also an appreciation
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with his right and left limbs as with either separately, but when a uni-
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myocardium. Rigor mortis, which is generally highly deve-
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I abandoned this for the gauze roller bandage, using